Yaron Har-Shai & Lior Har-Shai & Miriam Lurie & Edmond Sabo

Abstract The incidence of basal cell carcinoma (BCC) on the lower extremities of elderly patients, who have comorbidity, is rising. The surgical technique to treat those skin neoplasms on the legs should take into account difficulties in wound healing, dehiscence, or necrosis of the
surgical wound, failed skin grafting, and wound infection due to blood supply and innervation disturbances and reduced
quality of the skin. Spray/contact cryosurgery is one of the well-established, older therapies for BCC and is widely used with hardly any contraindications and with a high cure rate. This case report is the first in the medical literature to present a successful removal of two BCCs on
the leg of an elderly patient by employing a novel and new intralesional cryosurgery technology.